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Identifying A Fake Android Device (Original vs Rebranded vs Clone)


Post by RomShillzz » Sat Nov 17, 2018 9:40 pm

A lot of companies (or group of persons) are now rebranding some other different mobile devices to look like some of the popular mobile phone brands (faking them). As we all know, there are a lot of mobile phone manufacturers and with a lot of brands, but there are the most popular ones in the market and other brands which till date you don't even know about.

Why are these devices rebranded?
Due to the popularity of some mobile phone brands and how they are been needed or due to their high rate of purchase in the market, some other companies or group of persons will team up to rebrand some devices (a different brand altogether) to look like some of the popular ones just to make sales.

Are these devices also called "clone"?
To a layman, YES. But if you really know, rebranding is much different from cloning a device.
According to Wikipedia: Rebranding is a marketing strategy in which a new name, term, symbol, design, or combination thereof is created for an established brand with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.

And Cloning: Cloning is the process of producing genetically identical individuals of an organism either naturally or artificially (then put it in the electronic terms).

Which brands are rebranded?
In my own personal observation in the GSM market, Brands like Coolpad, Huawei, TCL, Vivo, Gionee, are the most rebranded devices, rebranding them to look like other popular brands like "Tecno", "Infinix" etc...

An example: You see a device, originally it is a Coolpad device then it will be rebranded to look like the Tecno brand.

tecno_coolpad.jpg (1.11 MiB) Viewed 319 times

Which brands are cloned?
There are a lot of cloned devices out there, but in the GSM Market, the most popular cloned device is the "Samsung" brand, with other brands like Infinix, Tecno, ...etc.

How to identify such a device?
The best way of identifying such devices is by reading their info using some special flashing tools like Miracle Box, etc.. especially the clone ones. But to me "RomShillzz", by mere looking at them I can tell you if a device is a rebrand or a clone one.
For some rebranded ones, all you need to do is "peel off" the first label attached to the device. Some rebrands are done by professionals in that extent, the change the "device name", "build number", "uboot", "boot logo", "boot sound', "mobile UI (User Interface)" etc...

Such device original brand & model list?
Below is the list of some model of this rebranded devices and their original brands:

Tecno 888 the Original brand is Lenovo and the model is 2800-D (Tecno 888 = Lenovo 2800-D).
Tecno Hot D9 the Original brand is Coolpad and the model is 8198T (Tecno Hot D9 = Coolpad 8189T).
Tecno Hot D5
Tecno AL58
Tecno AL86 Original brand is Coolpad F1 and the model is 8297 (Tecno AL86 = Coolpad F1 - 8297).
Tecno L968 Original brand is TCL and the model is P501M (Tecno L968 = TCL - P501M).
Tecno R6 Original brand is Coolpad and the model is 8297D (Tecno R6 = Coolpad - 8297D).
Tecno R6 Original brand is Coolpad and the model is 8297W (Tecno R6 = Coolpad - 8297W).
Tecno T8 the Original brand is Coolpad and the model is 8717 (Tecno T8 = Coolpad 8717).
Tecno T20
Tecno T8702
Tecno T818 the Original brand is Huawei and the model is Hol-T00 (Tecno T818 = Huawei Hol-T00).
Tecno V3
Tecno V6
Infinix A88 the Original brand is Coolpad and the model is 8670 (Infinix A88 = Coolpad 8670).
Infinix F168 the Original brand is Huawei and the model is H30-U10 (Infinix F168 = Huawei H30-U10).
Infinix Q8 the Original brand is Coolpad and the model is 8675-A (Infinix Q8 = Coolpad 8675-A).
Infinix R9 the Original brand is Coolpad and the model is 7289D (Infinix R9 = Coolpad 7298D).
Infinix V2
Infinix Hot A88
Infinix Hot V3
Infinix Hot V4
Infinix 9900

UPDATE: Now, these rebranding companies (or group of persons) peels off the inner original label in other to make it difficult for "We/Us" to know the device original model.

Here's what to do!

clone_rebranded.jpg (370.98 KiB) Viewed 64 times

If you know a brand and model number of some of these rebranded devices, please post a reply so I can add to the list!

Copyright RomShillzz. And should not be reproduced!

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Re: Identifying A Fake Android Device (Original vs Rebranded vs Clone)


Post by Armstrong2 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:39 pm

yeah bro u r ryt abt d definition abt rebranded nd clones

What i figured out is that most mtk clones turns out to be spd chips.... While the re-brand remain on its normal chip

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